Updating network settings

You can use the Unified Access Gateway administration console to update the network settings (IPs, routers, DNS, etc.). In this chapter you will learn how to update the IPv4 address assigned to the appliance to a different one.

1. Access Network Settings

Access to network settings

Under Advanced Settings, click the gear icon for Network Settings.

2. View and Edit the Network Settings

Network Settings
  1. Click the dropdown arrow for NIC 2: Management facing interface.
  2. This section shows all of the configurations associated with NIC 2.
  3. Click the Gear icon after NIC 2: Management network interface to update the IP address.

3. Change Network Settings

NIC 1 Configuration

The Unified Access Gateway administration console allows you to update some of the network settings for each NIC. In this step you will update IPv4 address associated to NIC 2.

  1. Click the IPv4 Configuration section to expand it.
  2. Enter in the IPv4 Address to update this from
  3. Click Save.

4. Wait for Network Settings to Complete

Configuration in Progress

After saving, a message appears: NIC2 configuration in progress. This means that the Unified Access Gateway is updating the NIC with the new IP address, and restarting the NIC. Users lose connectivity with the administration console and this message disappears when the configuration is finished.

After the configuration completes, click Close.

5. Validate the Network Changes

The page should automatically reload to after the appliance configuration updates, which is the IP address you configured.  You may also enter the address manually.

NOTE: The appliance may take several minutes to be reachable at after the change.  You may need to wait several minutes before the below page will load.

  1. Enter and press ENTER, or wait for the page to reload.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Click Proceed to (unsafe).

NOTE: Notice that the connection is not private again, since we are browsing to an IP instead of our previous hostname.  This is just to demonstrate the IP address change, so continue to the page for now.

5.1. Log in to the Unified Access Gateway Administration Console

Acessing UAG Admin UI based on new IP address
  1. Enter admin for the username.
  2. Enter VMware1! for the password.
  3. Click Login.

Confirm that you are able to login successfully and access the Unified Access Gateway Administration Console over the new IP address that you configured.


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