Validate the Enterprise Wipe on the macOS Device

Access macOS System Preferences
  1. On your device, select the Apple icon in the upper-left corner.
  2. Select System Preferences.  

1. Verify Removal of System Preference Restrictions

Verify Removal of System Preference Restrictions

Note you can now make modifications to Desktop & Screen Saver and Accessibility because the restriction created earlier has been removed.

2. Verify Removal of Dock Settings

Verify Removal of Deployed Internal Application

Confirm that the dock preferences have been removed and the dock has returned to its original position.

3. Verify Skitch App was Removed

Since the Skitch app was pushed with the Remove On Unenroll restriction, Skitch will be removed from the device after enrollment.  Search for the Skitch app on your device to find that it is no longer available.