Public App Deployment

In this section, we will learn how to add an app on App Store from Workspace ONE UEM Console so that it is managed by Workspace ONE.

1. Add Public App

In the Workspace ONE UEM Console,

  1. Click Apps & Books
  2. Click Native under Applications
  3. Click the Public tab
  4. Click Add Application

1.1. Search Workspace ONE Web

  1. Select Apple iOS for the Platform
  2. Enter Workspace ONE Web for the Name
  3. Click Next

1.2. Select Workspace ONE Web

Click SELECT for the Web - Workspace ONE result.

1.3. Save and Assign

Click SAVE & ASSIGN without changing other configurations.

2. Add Assignment

Assignments determine which users and/or devices will receive the configuration. For simplicity, you will assign this app to all devices.  Edit the Distribution settings as detailed:

  1. Enter All Devices for the Name
  2. Click the Assignment Groups field
  3. Select the All Devices ([email protected]) assignment group

2.1. Finish Configuring Distribution Settings

Select On Demand for the App Delivery Method.  This will make the app available to the user in the App Catalog in the Intelligent Hub app but will not automatically install the app for the user.

Continue to the next step.

2.2. Enable Remove on Unenroll

  1. Click the Restrictions tab
  2. Enable the Remove On Unenroll restriction. This will cause the Workspace ONE Web app to be automatically uninstalled once the device is unenrolled.
  3. Click Create

2.3. Save the Assignments

Click Save.

2.4. Publish the App

Since we do not have any device enrolled with Workspace ONE UEM yet, we will not see anything in the Preview Assigned Devices list. Click Publish to make the Workspace ONE Web app available to the assigned groups.

When we enroll a device in a later step, the device will automatically be included in the All Devices assignment group and will receive access to this app with the configured settings and restrictions that you just created.


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