Managing your devices with Workspace ONE UEM empowers your administrators to ensure devices are operating and accessing corporate resources securely without violating user privacy.  Now that you know how to enroll a device and push a profile, consider exploring the other lab topics available in this module to further expand your Workspace ONE UEM knowledge.

This concludes the Introduction to Apple iOS Management module.  

Note that this Hands-On Lab does not cover the full breadth and capabilities for managing iOS and tvOS with Workspace ONE.   Please see VMware's TechZone for videos, blogs, and documentation that can help you with advanced topics in iOS/tvOS management, such as:

  • Apple Business Manager and Automated Device Enrollment
  • Device Staging and Enroll-on-Behalf
  • Volume Purchased Application Deployment
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Certificates and Identity/Directory Integration
  • Productivity Apps
  • Check-In, Check-Out
  • Unified App Catalog and Single Sign-On via Hub Services and VMware Access
  • Apple Education Integration (e.g Apple School Manager
  • ... and More!


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