Configure Branding for Intelligent Hub App

By default, the VMware branding is used with Intelligent Hub. However, you can customize the logo, text color, and background color that appears in the Intelligent Hub views.

In this section, we will change the Organization Name and Company Logo in the Branding Settings for the Intelligent Hub.

1. Configure Organization Name

  1. Click on Branding to configure branding customizations.
  2. Enter the Organization Name as World Wide Enterprises
  3. Click on UPLOAD to change the Company Logo.

From the pop-up window,

  1. Expand Documents
  2. Expand HOL
  3. Expand Hub
  4. Select WWE_logo.png
  5. Click Open

3. Preview the Branding Changes

  1. Notice that after you updated the Company Logo setting, your Preview pane updated to reflect what your users will see.  
  2. The Preview pane allows you to switch between Browser, Desktop, and Mobile views to see how your changes will be reflected on each platform.

Other settings on this page will be reflected here as well for a quick preview before you publish changes to your users.

Continue to the next step.

4. Save the Branding Changes

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Branding section.
  2. Click SAVE to save the branding configurations.

NOTE: There are other branding options such as background and icon color, but to limit the scope of the lab, we are going to only modify the organization name and company logo for demonstration purposes.  Feel free to make additional configurations on your own if you wish to see them in action later.


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