Configure the Custom Tab and App Catalog Settings

Now that an app has been deployed via Workspace ONE UEM Console, let us configure additional features with the Hub Catalog to customize the end user experience.

  1. Click on the Services button.
  2. Click on Workspace ONE Hub Services

2. Configure the Custom Tab

The Custom Tab is a URL that links to your company website or to another resource that you want to easily share with your users.

  1. Select the Custom Tab section.
  2. Click the Enable Custom Tab toggle to enable the feature.
  3. Enter the Title as Home (if not populated automatically.)
  4. Enter the URL as
  5. Select Last for the Position.
  6. Click Save.

This will provide a Custom tab, titled Home, at the bottom of the Intelligent Hub app that will take the user to the provided URL ( when clicked. This tab will be the last tab in the list based on the Position that was selected.

3. Configure App Catalog Settings

The App Catalog section allows you to define the layout and the capabilities of the Intelligent Hub app catalog that is presented to your users.  We'll modify the behavior by adding a promotion for the Workspace ONE Web app to our users, highlighting this app in our catalog, and then disable the use of Virtual Apps on our mobile devices.

  1. Click the App Catalog section.
  2. Click Add Section.
  3. Click Promotions.

3.1. Customize the Promotion Section

  1. Click the Promotions section to expand it.
  2. Click in the App Name search box. If you have multiple apps, you can type here to limit the shown results.
  3. Select the Web - Workspace ONE result from the list.

This will cause the Workspace ONE Web app to be promoted to your end users.  Consider promoting important or heavily used apps you are encouraging your end users to utilize!

3.2. Disable Virtual Apps on Mobile Devices

  1. Scroll down past the Sections layout for additional options.
  2. Virtual apps such as Horizon and Citrix apps might not display correctly on small screen devices. To make sure that users have the best experience when they use virtual apps, you can disable the ability to view virtual apps on devices that have a screen smaller than 9 inches. Disable the option for Show Virtual Apps on Devices.
  3. Click Save.

Your App Catalog has now been customized.


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