Validate Device After Restriction Profile

You will now validate that the restriction profile for disabling Siri on the device is applying as expected. You will confirm the restriction profile in two ways:

  1. Inspecting the Mobile Device Management profile that was installed to the device in previous steps to confirm that the restriction is present.
  2. Attempting to interact with Siri on the device.

1. Validate the Restriction Profile in Settings

Tap the Settings app.

  1. Tap General.
  2. Scroll down to find the Profiles & Device Management option.
  3. Tap Profiles & Device Management.

1.2. Open the Device Manager Profile

Tap the Device Manager profile under Mobile Device Management.

1.3. Inspect Restrictions

Tap Restrictions to inspect the restrictions associated with this profile.

1.4. Confirm Siri Not Allowed Restriction

Confirm that the Siri not allowed restriction is included in the list.

2. Validate Siri is Disabled on the Device

Attempt to activate Siri on your device again by holding the home button and notice that Siri no longer responds.

If you navigate to the Settings app, you will also notice that the Siri & Search settings are no longer available on the device.


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