Configuring Workspace ONE Intelligence Automation Connectors

To take full advantage of Workspace ONE Intelligence, you need to configure at least one Automation Connector to enable Automation Actions in your environment.

Among the multiple available Connectors, the Workspace ONE UEM connector is key, as it enables Intelligence Automation to take actions against your organization's devices, apps, device sensors and OS updates.

In this activity, you configure the Workspace ONE UEM Connectors to allow API communication between Workspace ONE Intelligence and Workspace ONE UEM.

1. Switch to Workspace ONE UEM Console

Return to Workspace ONE UEM Console

From the Workspace ONE Intelligence console:

  1. Click the Services menu icon.
  2. Select Workspace ONE UEM Console.

In the Workspace ONE UEM console, at the appropriate Organization Group level:

  1. Click Groups & Settings.
  2. Click All Settings.
Obtaining REST API Key
  1. Click System.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Click API.
  4. Click REST API.
  5. Click Override to generate the new API Key used to integrate with Workspace ONE Intelligence.
  6. For the AirWatchAPI Service, select the full API Key field and right-click.
  7. Click Copy, then paste the copied text into Notepad.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Close.

4. Return to Workspace ONE Intelligence Console

Return to Workspace ONE UEM Console

From the Workspace ONE UEM console:

  1. Click the Square menu icon.
  2. Select Workspace ONE UEM.
Workspace ONE Intelligence - Google Chrome
  1. Click Integrations.
  2. In Workflow Connectors, click View.
  3. Click Get Started.

6. Initiate Authorization

On the Workspace ONE UEM card, click Set Up.

7. Configure Authorization

Set the connector properties
  1. Enter the Base URL for the Workspace ONE UEM environment. In this case,
  2. Choose Basic Authentication for the Auth Type.
  3. Enter the API User Name for the Workspace ONE UEM administrator with access to the REST API Key you copied earlier.  This will be Your VLP E-Mail Address that you used to sign into the Workspace ONE UEM Console.
  4. Enter the API User Password VMware1!.
  5. Paste the Workspace ONE UEM API Key. This is the AirWatchAPI Service Key that you copied from the Workspace ONE UEM console in the previous activity.
  6. Click Authorize.

8. Validate Authorization

  1. Verify the Workspace ONE UEM card now displays the Status as Authorized and the card action changes to Deauthorize. This indicates integration was successful.
  2. Click the ... button.
  3. Click View Actions.

9. Review Automation Actions against Workspace ONE UEM

Workspace ONE Intelligence - Google Chrome

As a result, you are now able to define automated flows, which can take over 25+ different actions against your devices, apps, and OS updates. The screenshot shows some of the actions available against devices.

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