Customizing the Dashboard View

Workspace ONE Intelligence - Google Chrome
Workspace ONE Intelligence - Google Chrome
  1. Click Dashboards.
  2. A Getting Started page is shown the first time you access the Dashboards page. If displayed, click Get Started.
  3. Click Add to create a new Dashboard.

1. Add Dashboard

Workspace ONE Intelligence - Google Chrome
  1. Enter a dashboard name, such as My Devices Dashboard
  2. Enter an optional description for the dashboard
  3. Click Save

2. Add A Widget

Workspace ONE Intelligence - Google Chrome

Newly created dashboards by default have no information on them. You can add widgets to them and create custom dashboards to meet your business needs.

Click Widget.

3. Explore Widget Categories and Templates

To begin creating a widget, you can select Custom Widget or select one of builtin widgets by selecting the categories and tags. The list of categories will be based on the integrations configured on your Workspace ONE Intelligence and may differ from the image you see in this activity.

The available categories can include:

  • Apps
  • Authentication
  • Automations
  • Devices
  • Hub
  • Platform
  • Product
  • Security
  • Integration

When you start with Workspace ONE Intelligence for the first time, you will see multiple categories.

Then, use the tag for each category to filter the customizable templates to define the content your widget displays. For complete control of the widget's content, use the Custom Widget template to define your own criteria.

Feel free to click on each category to see the templates available to each.

4. Select a Template

  1. Select the Devices Category.
  2. Select the Enrollments tag.
  3. Click Start for Total Enrollments template.

5. Name the Default Template

Under Data Visualization, review the default Total Enrollments template. The initial default settings provide a snapshot of current device enrollment. If you change the settings, the snapshot results change accordingly.

Change the name of the widget to Total Enrollments Over Time.

6. Configure the Template

Chart Total Enrollments Over time

To create a snapshot of total enrollments over time, modify the default Total Enrollments template.

  1. Select Historical.
  2. For Chart Type, select Line.
  3. For by Group, enter Platform.
  4. Set the Date Range to Last 14 Days.
  5. Click Save.

Note: The screenshot shown is from a test environment. Your preview is based on your environment, and will differ from the preview you see in the screenshot.

As a supplement to its reporting capabilities, the Workspace ONE Intelligence dashboard displays critical business data in an easy-to-consume visual summary. Within dashboards, the configurable widgets allow you to customize the data that displays. In this activity, add a widget that shows enrollment information from the past 14 days.

After configuring the Total Enrollment Over Time widget, you can manage how it displays on your dashboard. In this activity, modify your dashboard view by repositioning and expanding the Total Enrollment Over Time widget.

7. Customize the Dashboard

Workspace ONE Intelligence - Google Chrome

By default, the new widget appears at the bottom of your dashboard. Since this is the first widget on this dashboard, it will be at the top.

  1. You can click Total Enrollments Over Time (the chart title) and drag the widget to a new location on your dashboard.
  2. You can click and drag the corners of the widget to change the width or height of the Total Enrollments Over Time widget.
  3. After you are satisfied with the position and size of the widget, click Save.

8. Save the Dashboard Layout

Workspace ONE Intelligence - Google Chrome

Click Save to save the dashboard layout.

9. Future Updates to the Dashboard

Workspace ONE Intelligence - Google Chrome

If you wish to modify the dashboard in the future, you can:

  1. Click Widget to add additional widgets to the dashboard.
  2. Click Customize to change the layout of the existing widgets on the dashboard.


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