Create a Basic User Account

Basic accounts are the accounts which are created locally in the Workspace ONE UEM admin console, as opposed to the accounts which are imported from an active directory. In this section, we will create a Basic User account which we will use for enrollment in the following section.

1. Click on Add / User

Add a New User

In the top right corner of the Workspace ONE UEM console,

  1. Click Add.
  2. Click User.

2. Add User information

In the pop-up window,

  1. Ensure that security type is Basic
  2. Enter the username as basicuser
  3. Enter the password as VMware1!
  4. Confirm the password as VMware1!
  5. Enter the first name as Basic
  6. Enter the last name as User
  7. Enter the e-mail address as [email protected]
    NOTE: Use the scroll bar if you don't see the option to enter email address
  8. Click on Save

You should see a confirmation that user is created successfully. If the user is already created with the same username then you can use the existing user in the following section.


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