Creating a Remote Application Assignment

This exercise describes how to create a remote application assignment.

1 Navigate to the Assignments Window

  1. In the Horizon Cloud Administration Console, select Assign.
  2. In the Assignments menu, click New.

2 Start the New Assignment

  • In the New Assignment window under Applications, click Select.

3 Select the Remote Type

  1. In the New Application Assignment window, in the Type field, select Remote.
  2. In the Assignment name field, enter a name that starts with a letter, and consists only of letters, numbers, and dashes.
  3. In the lower right, click Next.

4 Select Applications to Publish

  1. In the New Application Assignment window, click the check box of each application to select it.
  2. In the lower right, click Next.
  1. In the Active Directory Search field, start entering the first few letters of the user or group name.
  2. When the search automatically generates, click the user or group to select it.

6 Review and Submit

  1. In the Summary tab, review and verify that the information is correct.
  2. In the lower right, click Submit.

7 Verify Success Banner

  1. Verify that the green success banner is displayed.
  2. Confirm that the status is green, which indicates the server is ready to receive users.

8 Select the Assignment

  • When the status turns green, select the assignment to view details.

9 Review Assignment Details

  • View the assignment summary details.

For more information about how to deploy RDSH servers and create assignments for Horizon Cloud remote applications, see the Uploading and Deploying RDSH Hosts in Horizon Cloud video.

After creating a desktop assignment, proceed to the next exercise to assign remote applications to users and groups.


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