Configuring Active Directory

After the Horizon Cloud service provider provisions your Horizon Cloud environment, also known as a tenant, you must register your Active Directory with Horizon Cloud before you can allocate services or assign specific roles and permissions.

1 Getting Started Page Overview

The Horizon Cloud Administration Console defaults to the Getting Started page on the first login. This page provides a high-level overview of the initial configuration process that you must complete.

2 Navigate to Active Directory

  1. In the navigation bar on the left, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Active Directory.

3 Register

  • On the Active Directory page, click Register.

4 Register Active Directory

  1. In the Register Active Directory window, enter the following information:
    • NETBIOS name
    • DNS domain name
    • Bind username
    • Bind password
    • Auxiliary bind username
    • Auxiliary bind password
  2. Click Domain Bind.

5 Join Domain

  1. On the Domain Join page, add the following information to join to the Active Directory domain:
    • Primary DNS server IP address
    • Secondary DNS server IP address
    • Default OU
    • Join username
    • Join password
  2. Click Save.

After joining Active directory to Horizon Cloud, you must use a domain account that is a member of the domain group added to the Super Administrator role during the initial configuration. The one-time password that was supplied by your provider no longer works. Proceed to the next exercise to define this administrator account.


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