Introduction to Integration with Workspace One

VMware Identity Manager, optimized with VMware AirWatch® Conditional Access, delivers one-touch access to nearly any application from any device. At the same time, VMware Identity Manager provides you a central place to manage access policies and user provisioning with enterprise-class directory integration, identity federation, and user analytics. Components of VMware Identity Manager include the VMware Workspace™ ONE™ portal, AirWatch Directory integration, access policy integration, and Horizon Cloud integration.

VMware Identity Manager includes the following key benefits:

  • Promotes productivity by removing traditional barriers to mobility, such as complex passwords, multiple configuration steps, traditional VPNs, and tokens
  • Increases security by optimizing authentication for each device type rather than the lowest common denominator
  • Frees businesses to roll out new software-as-a-service (SaaS) and mobile apps immediately to address changing business processes and customer engagements while maintaining a single point of user entitlement and license monitoring
  • Simplifies IT maintenance by leveraging existing directory infrastructure and extending to SaaS and mobile applications with automated provisioning, utilization reporting, and conditional access policies
  • For more information, see VMware Identity Manager.

You can explore the benefits of integrating VMware Identity Manager and Horizon Cloud in the following exercises:

  • Setting up VMware Identity Manager within Horizon Cloud
  • Creating the Federation Artifact
  • Configuring Horizon Cloud for Integration
  • Accessing a Horizon Cloud Desktop from VMware Identity Manager
  • Accessing an Application from VMware Identity Manager