Reviewing the Dynamic Application Delivery Process

The dynamic delivery of applications to virtual desktops includes the following steps, the first of which is performed before starting this exercise:

  • Package applications with AppCapture: Package the application using the AppCapture utility, which allows Horizon Cloud to attach the package to the virtual machine upon login.
    You use the AppCapture utility to get the before state of the virtual machine. After the applications and any dependencies are installed, AppCapture takes an after state of the virtual machine. The after state includes the files, folders, and registry entries that were changed in an application package.
    When the application capture is complete, the application package is moved to a staging file share. The virtual machine is reset to a clean snapshot. You use the AppCapture utility to test the application. When the application is validated, it is converted into an application package in VMDK format and moved into the production file share, where it is imported into Horizon Cloud.
  • Configure and synchronize the AppStacks file share: Import the AppStacks into Horizon Cloud. For more information, see the Adding AppStack File Share video.
  • Assign a native application to a virtual desktop: Assign an AppStacks application to a user or group.


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