Accessing a Remote Application to Verify Success

You can verify that you properly entitled a user to an RDSH application by launching the desktop and accessing the application in Horizon Cloud as a user would.

1 Launch the Horizon Client

  • On the desktop, click the VMware Horizon Client icon.

2 Log In

  • Log in to the Horizon Cloud client.

3 Select a Desktop

  • From the available applications and desktops, click the desktop you just provisioned.

4 Launch the Application

  1. Launch the application to verify that it opens properly.
  2. Explore the features to verify that they work. For this example, Calculator is selected.

5 Disconnect and Log Off

  1. After closing the application, select Options to exit.
  2. Click Disconnect and Log Off.

6 Verify Log Off

  • In the Horizon Client prompt, click OK to confirm the disconnect and log off.

After you launch the remote application to verify that the assignments work properly, you have finished this section. Proceed to the next section to find out how additional VMware products can enhance a user’s experience in the Horizon Cloud environment, in particular, VMware Identity Manager™.


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