About Customizations

You can configure assign settings to customize your end users' environments. One type of customization is URL redirection. You define URL handling rules so the Horizon Client redirects URLs from the end user's client machine to a desktop or application that is provided by your Horizon Cloud environment.

When the user logs in to their local Horizon Client, it fetches the user's assigned URL redirection rules. When the user clicks a link that matches a URL pattern rule, Horizon Client selects the handler that you configured, to process the link. Depending upon the circumstances, the process can vary:

  • If the handler specifies that a desktop be used, the desktop's default application for the link's specified protocol processes the URL.
  • If the handler specifies that an application be used, the assigned application processes the URL.
  • If the user is not entitled to the desktop or application specified in the handler, Horizon Client displays a message to the user (unless you set Strict Match to No.
  • If Strict Match is set to No, Horizon Client locates a resource to use, based on the following fall-back behavior:
    1. The system searches the user's assignments using a substring match of the target resource specified for the handler. If the system finds an assignment that matches the substring, that assigned desktop or application is used to open the link.
    2. When the Resource Type is set toApplication, if the search for a substring match fails, the system searches the user's application assignments for an assigned application that can handle the protocol specified in the Scheme field.
    3. Note: This applies only if the Resource Type is set to Applications. If the Resource Type is set to Desktops, this step is skipped.
    4. If the system cannot locate a resource that can handle the protocol, Horizon Client displays a message to the user.

Note: The Customization window is provided for you to configure client-to-agent URL redirection. For configuring agent-to-client URL redirection, you use a different procedure. For more information about agent-to-client URL redirection, see Configuring Agent-to-Client Redirection.