Checking Desktop Capacity Allocation

Before you assign a desktop to a user or group, check the capacity allocation on the Dashboard page. The Dashboard provides information about your environment, including notifications, activities, and reports.

1 Navigate to the Dashboard

  1. In the Horizon Cloud Administration Console, select Monitor.
  2. In the Monitor menu, click Dashboard.
  3. In the Capacity window, see the percentage currently allocated.

2 Hover to Change the Display

  1. Hover over the Capacity window, which changes the display.
  2. Click More to see more details.

3 View Desktop Capacity Allocation Details

  1. In the Desktop Model section, note the amount used so that you can compare after assigning the desktop. In this example, 232 units of capacity are remaining.
  2. Hover over each section to see details such as memory and CPU.

For information about the capacity model, see Service Description: VMware Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure.

After checking the Desktop Capacity Allocation, proceed to the next exercise to assign the desktop and see how the numbers are affected.


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