Terminology Used in This Guide

The following terms are used in this tutorial:


The VMware Identity Manager UI that displays desktops and applications available to a user or group of users


A set of securely accessed Internet-hosted services

Traditional full clone

A complete copy created from an existing virtual machine (VM) template

Full-clone desktop

An independent copy of a VM that shares nothing with the master image, and operates entirely separately from the VM used to create it

Instant clone

A copy of an existing VM that, like a linked-clone, shares virtual disks with the parent VM, but that, at creation time, shares the memory of the running parent VM from which it is created

Master image

A VM that has been created and configured for desktop deployment and which will serve as the core image for clones. For full clones, the master image is a VM template. For linked clones, the master image is the parent VM plus a selected VM snapshot. The master image can also be referred to as a desktop image, a golden image, or a linked-clone desktop image.

Virtual appliance

A virtual machine created and configured by VMware to perform a product-based function, such as VMware Workstation

Virtual machine

A software computer running an operating system or application environment that is backed by the physical resources of a host

For more information about terms, see the VMware Technical Publications Glossary or VMware Technical Publications Glossary Online.


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