Provisioning a Desktop

To verify that the application assignment was successful, you can launch the native application in Horizon Cloud. But first, you must provision a desktop to be used for launching native AppStacks applications.

1 Navigate to the Assignments Window

  1. In the Horizon Cloud Administrative Console, select Assign.
  2. In the Assignments menu, click New.

2 Get Started Assigning Desktops

  • In the New Assignment window under Desktops, click Select.

3 Assign a Floating Desktop

  • In the Definition tab of the New Desktop Assignment window, click the Floating type.
  • This type is required for instant clones.

4 Provide the Fixed Attributes

  1. In the Fixed Attributes field, select a desktop model from the pop-up menu.
  2. Scroll down to Flexible Attributes.

5 Select the Flexible Attributes

  1. In the Flexible Attributes field, provide the following information:
    • Image: Confirm the default image, or select a different one from the drop-down menu.
    • Assignment Name: Enter the name of the assignment, which in this example is CorpDesktop.
    • Default Protocol: Confirm that BLAST is selected.
    • Preferred Client Type: Confirm that Browser is selected.
    • Capacity: Enter 2.

6 Select the Advanced Properties

  1. Click Advanced Properties.
  2. Confirm that the VM Names field is pre-populated with the name of your selected application.
  3. In the lower right, click Next.

7 Select the Users

  1. In the Users tab of the New Desktops Assignment window, in the Active Directory Search field,  start entering the first few letters of the user or group name.
  2. From the list that generates, select the user or group to assign.

8 Select the User

  1. In the Selected User/User Groups field, verify that the name you selected is displayed.
  2. In the lower right, click Next.

9 Verify and Submit

  1. In the Summary tab of the New Desktop Assignment window, confirm the information.
  2. In the lower right, click Submit.

10 Wait for Completion

  • Wait for the assignment to complete. The process can take several minutes. Do not proceed until the creation process is complete.
  • You might need to refresh your browser periodically to expedite the process. When the desktop capacity is displayed, you can continue.

11 Confirm the Desktop Assignment

  1. In the Assignments window, confirm that a green success banner is displayed.
  2. In the details, confirm that the desktop is displayed with a capacity of 2.

Now you are ready to proceed to the next exercise, to verify the application assignment that you made earlier by launching the desktop and accessing the application as the end user would.


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