Create an RDSH Farm

This lesson steps you through the Farm creation wizard. Please note, due to resource and timing constraints in the HOL, it is recommended you cancel the farm creation wizard. A farm has already been created for you to use in other modules of this lab.

Authenticate to the Horizon Admin Console

Launch Browser

  1. From the Desktop of the Main Console, double-click Google Chrome

Navigate to Horizon Console

  1. Select Horizon from the bookmarks bar
  2. Select Horizon-01-NewAdminConsole

Login to Horizon Console

  1. User name: administrator
  2. Password: VMware1!
  3. Click Sign in

Create a New Farm

The following steps will guide you through the Farm creation wizard.

  1. Select Farms

Add Farm

  1. Select Add

Choose Farm Type

  1. Be sure Automated Farm is selected
  2. Select Next

Select vCenter Server for Instant Clone Farm

  1. Select vcsa-01a.corp.local

Ignore Informational Page

  1. Select Ignore

Note - The View Storage Accelerator is disabled to due to constraints in the HOL environment. In production implementations it is recommended you enable this feature for optimal performance.

Select Next

  1. Select Next

Storage Optimization

  1. Select Next

Configure Farm Identification and Settings

  1. Enter RDSHFarm02 in the ID field

Review Farm Configuration Options

  1. Scroll down the Identification and Settings page
  2. To learn more about any of the options, simply click the ? next to them
  3. Select Next when you are ready to continue

Provisioning Settings

  1. Enter Farm02- in the Naming Pattern field
  2. Enter 10 in the Max number of machines field. This value defines the upper boundary for instant clone RDS hosts in this farm.
  3. Enter 3 in the Minimum number of ready field. This value defines the number of RDS hosts that will be kept running during a maintenance operation. Performing farm maintenance without taking an outage and affecting end users is a powerful feature of Horizon Apps. More information on maintenance operations can be found in Module 4.
  4. Select Next

Configure vCenter Settings

There are several configuration options to select on this page.

  1. For each configuration option, select the associated Browse button and choose the values in the following steps.
  2. Scroll down as needed

Select Parent VM

  1. Select base-RDS-01
  2. Select Submit

Select Default Image

  1. Select RDSH IC Base HoL 2019
  2. Select Submit

VM Folder Location

  1. Select RegionA01
  2. Select Submit

Select Cluster

  1. Select RegionA01-IC01
  2. Select Submit

Resource Pool

  1. Select RegionA01-IC01
  2. Select Submit

Select Instant Clone Datastores

  1. Check the box for datastore ESX04a-Local
  2. Select Submit

Ignore the Warning

  1. Select OK

Parent VM Network

  1. Leave the default setting Network: Parent VM network selected
  2. Select Next

Guest Customization

  1. Review the Guest Customization settings options
  2. To learn more about a given setting, click the ? next to it
  3. Select Next when ready to continue

Review Farm Settings

  1. Review the settings and click Cancel


  1. Select OK


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