Using Horizon Help Desk Tool

VMware's Horizon Help Desk Tool represents an ongoing initiative to VMware's commitment for providing IT tools and features to ensure the best level of service for your Horizon Deployment.

The Help Desk Tool

Horizon Help Desk Tool is a Web application that you can use to get the status of Horizon 7 user sessions and to perform troubleshooting and maintenance operations.

In Horizon Help Desk Tool, you can look up user sessions to troubleshoot problems and perform desktop maintenance operations such as restart or reset desktops.

To configure Horizon Help Desk Tool, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Horizon Enterprise edition license or Horizon Apps Advanced edition license for Horizon 7
  • An event database to store information about Horizon 7 components
  • The Help Desk Administrator role or the Help Desk Administrator (Read Only) role to log in to Horizon Help Desk Tool
  • Enable the timing profiler on each Connection Server instance to view logon segments

Log in to Horizon Help Desk Tool

Horizon Help Desk Tool is integrated into Horizon Console.

Launch Google Chrome Browser

  1. On the main console desktop, launch the Google Chrome shortcut located on the desktop.

Zoom the Browser View

If you want better viewing in the browser window, you can click on the three dots next to the address bar.

Under the Zoom click on the dash "-" and adjust to like 80% for better viewing depending on your monitor.

Click on the three dots when finished adjusting the zoom.

Launch the Horizon Console

We will use the new HTML 5 Horizon Console for this lab.  We will launch the Horizon Console using the URL https://horizon-01.corp.local/newadmin

  1. Click on the Horizon favorites bookmark bar at the top of the Chrome browser and Click on Horizon-01-NewAdminConsole
  2. Enter administrator as the Username
  3. Password is VMware1!
  4. Click on Sign In

Horizon Console

The Horizon Console

The Horizon Console is the newest HTML5 based web interface to manage Horizon 7 Environments. Horizon console is used to create and manage virtual desktops and published desktops and applications. Horizon Console also integrates VMware Horizon Just-in-Time Management Platform (JMP) Integrated Workflow features for managing workspaces.

Horizon Console is available after you install and configure Horizon Connection Server.

Use the Help Desk Tool to Restart a User's Virtual Desktop

You can perform many troubleshooting tasks for end users with this tool:

  • Restart the desktop
  • Send a message to the user
  • Launch Microsoft Remote Assistance
  • Disconnect the user session (without logging the user off)
  • Log the user off of the machine
  • Reset the machine for OS freezes - power off and on

Open a Desktop Session for user1mod1

  1. Click on a New Tab to open one in Chrome
  2. Click on the favorites VMware Horizon on the Bookmark bar.

VMware Horizon HTML Access

Click on the VMware Horizon HTML Access to login and connect to an Instant Clone Desktop to use in showing sessions for Help Desk Tool.

Login to VMware Horizon

In the VMware Horizon Login window:

  1. Enter user1mod1 for the username
  2. Enter password of VMware1!
  3. Click Login

Launch Instant Clone Pool

Click Instant Clone Pool

Click OK on the informational Enable Copy and Paste on the Instant Clone Desktop to continue.

Horizon Console - Help Desk Tool

The Horizon Help Desk Tool will allow you to see the status of the user sessions on demand and perform troubleshooting in real-time.

  1. Click back on Horizon 7 Console tab in Chrome
  2. In Horizon Console, enter a username in the User Search field: user1mod1 and return/enter
  3. Select user1mod1 corp.local from pull down.

Horizon Console displays a list of users in the search results. The search can return up to 100 matching results.  The user information appears in a user card.

Select the Desktop Session to Troubleshoot

On the sessions tab, in the list of active sessions, click win10ic-#.corp.local desktop in the Computer Name column.

Where the "#" = the desktop session we just launched.

Details of User Session

Session details for the Horizon Help Desk tool in the details tab provides helpdesk staff with useful information about the Horizon Client, the virtual desktops and published applications, which Unified Access Gateway server the user is connected to, CPU and memory consumption, insights into the logon time, plus many other details.

User Experience Metrics

  1. Click on the More (which changes to Less when you click on it) under User Experience Metrics to expand out to see
  2. Look at the different information available in the Details section

Scroll down to Logon Segments

Logon Breakdown from client to broker include:

  • Brokering
  • GPO Load
  • Profile Load
  • Interactive
  • Authentication

Open Apps on the Desktop

Open some applications on the desktop:

  1. Click back on the VMware Horizon Desktop in the browser tab
  2. Click on Wordpad to start the application
  3. Click on Google Chrome to start the browser

Click on the Applications tab

  1. Click back to the Horizon Console on the Chrome Browser tab
  2. Click on the Applications tab for that Desktop in the Console window
  3. Notice the applications are running and click on the Google Chrome application
  4. Notice also that you can End Application here

Restart the Desktop Session

  1. Click back on the Details tab
  2. Scroll down if needed in the Details tab until you get to the end of the User Experience Metrics section,
  3. Look at the More pull down to see options there. Click on More again to close those options
  4. Click Restart

Note the other options available: Send Message, Remote Assistance, Additional options: Disconnect, Logoff, and Reset.

Confirm Restarting Desktop

Click OK to confirm restarting the Desktop.

Notice that the session for the desktop is removed from the list.

Disconnected from Horizon Session

  1. Click back over to the VMware Horizon Desktop
  2. Notice that the desktop was Disconnected by the restart we sent from the Help Desk Tool.
  3. Click Close.

Close VMware Horizon Tab

Click on the X for the VMware Horizon tab to close it.

Keep Chrome open as we will use in the next lesson.


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