Schedule Immediate Farm Maintenance

In this lesson you will schedule and run an immediate farm maintenance operation on an existing Horizon RDSH farm.

Authenticate to the Horizon Console

Note - If you already have the Horizon Admin console open in Chrome, you can skip ahead to Navigate to Farms.

Launch Browser

  1. From the Desktop of the Main Console, double-click Google Chrome

Navigate to Horizon Console

  1. Select Horizon from the bookmarks bar
  2. Select Horizon-01-NewAdminConsole

Login to Horizon Console

  1. User name: administrator
  2. Password: VMware1!
  3. Click Sign in
  1. Select Farms
  2. Select RDSH-01

Note - Be sure to click the farm ID, not the checkbox next to it

Select Maintenance Schedule

  1. Select Maintain
  2. Select Schedule

Immediate Schedule

  1. Select Immediate

Maintenance Options

  1. Notice the default option is to run the immediate maintenance operation now, though you have the option to schedule it for a later time
  2. Select Next

Image Options

  1. Uncheck the box Use current parent VM image
  2. Select the snapshot RDSH IC Base HoL 2019
  3. Select Next

Schedule Maintenance Setting

  1. Select Force users to log off
  2. Select Next

Ready to Complete

  1. Select Finish
  1. Leave the VMware Horizon 7 tab open in Chrome
  2. Open a New Tab in Chrome
  3. Select vCenter
  4. Select RegionA vSphere Client (HTML)

Authenticate to vCenter

  1. Check the box for Use Windows session authentication
  2. Select Login

vCenter Recent Tasks

  1. Monitor the Recent Tasks window to observe the Instant Clone operations
  2. The RDS host from the Horizon farm is deleted
  3. A new, clean Instant Clone RDS host is provisioned from the existing parent image

Note - It may take a couple of minutes to delete and recreate the host, due to constraints in the HOL environment.

  1. Navigate to the VMware Horizon 7 tab you left running in a previous step
  2. Select Events

Review Horizon Events

Note the two log entries:

  1. RDSH1 was deleted
  2. The Horizon Agent on RDSH1 successfully contacted the Horizon Connection Server (Broker) after it was provisioned
  3. If the event messages are not showing up, wait thirty seconds and refresh the window

Leave the Horizon Console Open

Leave Chrome open to the Horizon Console page as you will use it in the next lesson.


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