Monitoring System Health

You can use the system health dashboard in Horizon Administrator to quickly see problems that might affect the operation of Horizon 7 or access to remote desktops by end users.

Today this is only available with the old Horizon Administration Flex interface. So we will log in to that interface below.

Horizon Administrator Flex Interface

  1. Open a new tab in the Google Chrome Browser
  2. Go to https://horizon-01.corp.local/admin to launch the Horizon Administrator Flex Console
  3. Enter User name: administrator
  4. Enter Password: VMware1!
  5. Click on Log In

Monitor System Health

The system health dashboard in the top left of the Horizon Administrator display provides a number of links that you can use to view reports about the operation of Horizon 7.

  • Sessions - displays info about the status of remote desktop and application sessions
  • Problem vCenter VMs - link to display info about vCenter VM, RDS hosts, and other machines flagged as having issues
  • Problem RDS Hosts - link to display info about RDS Hosts that are flagged as having issues
  • Events - link to events screen filtered to error events and for warning events
  • System Health - links to dashboard screen which displays summaries of the status of Horizon 7 Components, vSphere components, domains, desktops and datastore usage


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