Horizon Monitor Events

You can create an event database to record information about Horizon 7 events. In addition, if you use a Syslog server, you can configure Connection Server to send events to a Syslog server or create a flat file of events written in Syslog format.  You would generate syslog format so that the event data can be accessible to analytics software.

The event database stores information about events that occur in the Connection Server host or group, Horizon Agent, and Horizon Console, and notifies you of the number of events on the dashboard.

Horizon Console

You should still have the Horizon Console opened but if not open it.

  1. From Google Chrome Browser
  2. In the bookmark bar, under Horizon, Select Horizon-01-NewAdminConsole

Sign In with User Name: administrator and password: VMware1! if not already logged in.

Events detail

You can examine the events in detail on the Events page.

From Horizon Console, select under Monitor, Events

You can select the time range of the events, apply filtering ot the events, and sort the listed events by one or more columns.

Desktop Pool Events

In Horizon Console, navigate to a desktop or application pool, virtual machine, persistent disk, or a user or group and click the Events tab to view specific events. Lets look at the Desktop pool specifically.

  1. Under Inventory, Click on Desktops
  2. Click on the IC-Pool1

Specific Events

  1. Click on the Events tab along the top under the IC-Pool1


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