Horizon Performance Tracker

A feature in Horizon 7 is the Performance Tracker. This utility runs inside a remote desktop and monitors performance of the display protocols and system resource usage. This can also be ran as a published application inside an application pool.

Install Horizon Performance Tracker

Horizon Performance Tracker is a custom setup option in the Horizon Agent installer. You must select the option, as it is not selected by default.

Open Tab for VMware Horizon HTML Access

  1. In Google Chrome Browser, open a new tab
  2. Click on VMware Horizon from the bookmarks bar
  3. Click on VMware Horizon HTML Access to connect to your desktop

Launch Instant Clone Pool Desktop

Click on the Instant Clone Pool

Launch the Performance Tracker

After log in, from the desktop launch VMware Horizon Performance Tracker

Performance Tracker At a Glance

Observe current performance graphs and charts.

Launch Application from the Desktop

Launch MS Paint or any other of the applications on the desktop and watch the realtime utilization changes of the graphs and charts of Horizon Performance Tracker.

Session Properties

In the Performance Tracker window click on Session Properties and observe the numerous client properties available at a glance.

Close Performance Tracker

Click on the X to close Performance Tracker

Close the Application

Click on the X to close the MS Paint Application or other application you opened.

Close the Horizon Desktop

  1. Right Click on the windows icon
  2. Click on Shut down or Sign Out to expand it
  3. Click on Sign out to exit the desktop

Desktop Disconnected

You have been disconnect from the desktop so Click Close  


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