Schedule Recurring Farm Maintenance

In this lesson you will create a recurring farm maintenance operation on an existing Horizon RDSH farm.

Select Farm

You should still have the Horizon 7 Console open from the previous lesson.

  1. Select Farms
  2. Select RDSH-01

Maintenance Schedule

  1. Select Maintain
  2. Select Schedule

Maintenance Mode

  1. Select Recurring
  2. Select a date and time to start the schedule
  3. Select Weekly to create a weekly recurring schedule
  4. Select Next


A recurring schedule is often used to bring the RDS hosts in the farm back to an optimal running condition. Optionally, you can  choose a different Parent VM or snapshot.

  1. Uncheck Use current parent VM image
  2. Select snapshot RDSH IC Base - HoL 2019
  3. Select Next

Schedule Maintenance Setting

  1. Select Force users to log off
  2. Select Next

Ready to Complete

  1. Review changes and select Finish

Review Maintenance Schedule

  1. Scroll down to the Farm Maintenance section
  2. Review the Recurring Maintenance configuration


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