Add Entitlement to a Desktop Pool

You configure entitlements to control which remote desktops and applications your users can access. Before users can access remote desktops or applications, they must be entitled to use a desktop or application pool.

VMware Horizon 7 Console

  1. Click on the VMware Horizon 7 tab in the Chrome Browser
  2. Click on Desktop Pools if not already open

Edit Entitlement in the IC-Pool1

  1. Click on the check box next to the existing IC-Pool1
  2. Click on Entitlements to see options of either add or remove entitlements for this desktop pool
  3. Click on Add Entitlements

Add Entitlements

Click on Add

Find User or Group

  1. Enter domain user in the Name/user name contains field
  2. Click on Find
  3. Select the Domain Users by clicking on the check box
  4. Click OK

Note you may need to scroll down or resize the window to be able to select the Domain Users. You can also click the box next to Name to select all, then click ok.

OK Add Entitlement

Click OK again to accept the User in the Add Entitlements


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