Verify SSO via RADIUS

Now we will test the RADIUS authentication. We will test the connection by first opening up a Windows 10 VM via the Horizon Client and then logging in via RADIUS authentication from that client that is in the IP range we specified.

Open the Horizon Client

Open Horizon Client from the Main Console desktop

Connect to Horizon-01

Click horizon-01.corp.local

Login to Horizon-01

  1. User name: user1mod1
  2. Password: VMware1!
  3. Click Login

Open Instant Clone Pool

Double-click Instant Clone Pool to open the Windows10 VM

Open Browser in the Windows 10 VM

Wait for the Instant Clone VM to load, then

  1. Notice the subnet of the VM is (which is within the Network Range we defined earlier in the policy)
  2. Open the Edge Browser
  3. Browse to vidm-01.corp.local
  4. If prompted, confirm domain is set to corp.local and click Next

Authenticate using RADIUS

Since the IP address of our test VM is within the RADIUS test network range ( we defined earlier, we now (as expected) get prompted for the RADIUS Passcode instead of our CORP.LOCAL domain password.

  1. Notice "Please enter RADIUS Passcode" message
  2. Username: user1mod1
  3. RADIUS Passcode: 123456
  4. Click Sign In
  5. Click No to not save your password

Portal Access

Verify you can see the portal successfully.

Now lets launch an application and see we are not prompted for login or password for AD.

Click on Open for Calculator.

Launch an Application to verify SSO

  1. You will see a separate tab open up on the browser and credentials passed to the Horizon-01 environment. It may take a minute in this limited lab environment to open up this application.
  2. Verify that Calculator launches and doesn't ask for login. You may need to close the Horizon slide out to see the application. To close the slide out just click on the three lines on the pull out.
  3. Click X to close the calculator app.

Disconnect and Log off

  1. Click Options at the top of the Windows 10 VM window
  2. Select Disconnect and Log Off
  3. Click OK

Close Horizon Client

Click the X to close the Horizon Client


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