Drag and Drop Feature

With the latest release of the Horizon Agent, you can drag and drop files, folders, text, rich text, and images between the Client System and remote desktops and published applications. You can drag and drop multiple files and folders at the same time. A progress bar shows the status of the drag and drop operation.

The drag and drop feature works differently depending on the Horizon Agent version and how it is configured.

Depending on the Horizon Agent version, a Horizon administrator can use certain group policy settings or Smart Policies to configure drag and drop behavior.

Dragging Files and Folders

If you drag a file or folder between the client system and a remote desktop, the file or folder appears in the file system on the target system. If you drag a file and drop it into an open application, such as Notepad, the text appears in the application. If you drag a file into a new email message, the file becomes an attachment to the email message.

By default, dragging and dropping from the client system to remote desktops and published applications is enabled, and dragging and dropping from remote desktops and published applications to the client system is disabled. A Horizon administrator can control the drag and drop direction by configuring group policy settings.

Dragging and dropping files and folders requires that the client drive redirection feature is enabled in Horizon Agent by selecting the Client Drive Redirection option during Horizon Agent installation.

Configuring the Drag and Drop Feature

  • Enable the Client Drive Redirection option when you install Horizon Agent

Using Group Policy Settings to Configure Drag and Drop

You can configure the drag and drop direction, the allowed drag and drop formats, and the drag and drop size limit by editing group policy settings for the VMware Blast and PCoIP display protocols.

Using User Environment Manager to Configure Drag and Drop

With the latest UEM and Horizon Client, you can use Smart Policies to configure drag and drop behavior, including disabling the entire drag and drop feature.

See HOL-2051-02 lab for more information on this.

Drag and Drop Test

In this lesson we are going to show drag and drop by dragging text from the Chrome Browser on the Main Console Desktop and dropping it into the Wordpad application running on a Instant Clone Desktop. We will also grab an image and drag and drop it into the Wordpad document as well.

Open Chrome Browser

Open the Google Chrome Browser.

Note: If you already have the browser open and logged into the Horizon Console, you can skip ahead and click on Dashboard in the Horizon Console.

Login to Horizon Console

  1. Click on Horizon-01-NewAdminConsole
  2. Enter username: administrator
  3. Enter password: VMware1!
  4. Click on Sign in

Copy Image from Browser to Desktop

  1. Right click on the Image in the Browser
  2. Click Save image as...

If you were already logged into Horizon Console, you can just click on Dashboard in the left column to get to this place.

Save Image to Desktop

  1. Click Desktop on the Main Console
  2. Keep default name and click Save

Launch VMware Horizon Client

We will launch Horizon Client to open up an Instant Clone Desktop VM to test the Drag and Drop feature. We will drag and drop this file to the desktop VM.

Double-click the VMware Horizon Client on the Main Console Desktop

Launch Horizon-01

Double-Click on horizon-01.corp.local

Login in to Horizon-01

Login to the Horizon-01 system

  1. User name: user1mod1
  2. Password: VMware1!
  3. Click on Login

Open the Instant Clone Pool

Click on the Instant Clone Pool to open a Desktop VM

Take the Desktop out of full screen mode

If the Desktop takes up the entire screen, click on the Maximize button (two squares) in the top right corner beside the Close X button to take out of maximize window size so we can see the Main Console desktop as well.

Open Wordpad on the Desktop

  1. Double-Click on WordPad (created by UEM) on the Instant Clone Desktop
  2. The Wordpad window opens

Drag Text from the MainConsole Browser to the Desktop

  1. Arrange the Browser windows beside the Instant Clone Desktop
  2. Select text in the Browser and drag it over to the Wordpad application
  3. Drop into Wordpad Application on the Instant Clone Desktop
  4. Hit Return/Enter key a few times to add lines below the text

Drag the Image File

Click on the dashboard_hero.png file that you saved to the desktop of the MainConsole and drag it to the Desktop

Drop Image File onto WordPad Document on Desktop

Drop the image file into the WordPad Document


Disconnect and Logoff

  1. On the Instant Clone WIN10IC-# Desktop, click on the Options pull down
  2. Click on Disconnect and Log Off
  3. Click OK on the pop up

Close Horizon Client

If Horizon Client is minimized, click on the bottom to open it back up so you can close it to clean up.

  1. Click the Disconnect symbol to disconnect
  2. Click to OK to log off the Horizon Client
  3. Click X to close the VMware Horizon Client window


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