Screensteps Best Practices

1. Best practices while creating manuals

  • Use templates for adding user, device enrollment, enterprise wipe etc.
  • Currently investigating ways to refer the templates in the manuals dynamically..
  • Use the auto-numbering feature in Screensteps to number primary steps and sub-steps.
  • If you are not sure whether to keep a certain step or not, move that step to an unpublished article.
  • Think about introduction/ description at the beginning of each article if applicable. Add topologies and architecture diagrams wherever applicable.

2. Standardizing Terms 

Standardizing Terms 
  • Control Center is now Main Console.
  • MDM is now EMM.
  • Smart Groups are now Assignment Groups.
  • AirWatch Console -> Based on the comments from Hannah, we will keep using AirWatch Console.
  • Enrollment -> Unified Endpoint Management.

NOTE - You can use Cntrl + F to find and replace words in your manual.

3. Fonts, Sizes etc.

Fonts, Sizes etc.
  • Take screenshots from the resolution = 1024 * 768
  • Red Box color = Web Safe Colors - #FF0000
  • Red box width = 4
  • Red box curvature index = 13
  • No Drop Shadows for Red boxes.
  • Numbers width = 3
  • Enable Drop Shadows for numbers.
  • Image text fields font = Helvetica.
  • Max Image size = 256 KB. (NOTE - Use to compress images if needed.)
  • Description font and size = Screensteps default.

4. Screenstep Image Sample Image #1

Screenstep Image Sample Image #1
  • Dark Red boxes (Web Safe Colors - #FF0000).
  • Numbers on the right hand side – either on the same level or at the top right corner.
  • Crop the image only to focus on the are of interest (i.e. no full screenshot).
  • Align red boxes on the right hand side wherever applicable.
  • Align numbers wherever applicable. (NOTE - Select Cntrl click and allign).
  • If we are navigating away from the screen, create a new step and take additional screenshot.

5. Screenstep Image Sample Image #2

Screenstep Image Sample Image #2
  • All the passwords should be VMware1!. (NOTE - Don't give them choice).
  • Passwords (and all the entries in the textboxes) should be included in the screenshot itself.
  • Every number in the screenshot must have respective number in the step description.
  • In the description, all the “keyboard entries” should be be bold and in double quotes (e.g. “VMware1!” in the screenshot).
  • All the labels i.e. Button Clicks, Radio buttons, Close Window (X), Checkboxes.
  • Other text styles (e.g. NOTES, WARNINGS) should be in bolds and italics with the words NOTES and WARNINGS in UPPER CASE while descriptions should be in bold and italics.
  • Scroll bars should have boxes around them with an arrow indicating the direction of the scroll. Create a new step (i.e. a new number in the screenshot and description) for this.
  • Use the following terms: Select/ unselect – Radio Buttons, Click – Buttons, Check/ Uncheck – check boxes, Tap – touch screen inputs on the device.