Login to the Workspace ONE Application

  1. Click the Windows button.
  2. Click the Workspace ONE app icon from the start menu.

1. Enter the Workspace ONE Server Address (IF NEEDED)

  1. Enter https://cn1193-2057-ws1win.vidmpreview.com for the Server Address field.
  2. Click Continue.

2. Enter Your Username for Workspace ONE

  1. Enter aduser for the username.
  2. Click Next.

3. Allow Access to Credentials

Click Allow to allow access to your private key.

NOTE - The user will only be prompted once for this permission.

NOTE - If you receive the "Access Denied. Certificate login failure." screen, please wait a few minutes and try to login again.  The device may take several minutes to receive the certificate due to scalability and lab network limitations.

4. Enter the Workspace

Once the workspace is ready, click Enter.