Onboarding using User-Initiated Agent-Based Workflow

In this exercise, you enroll a macOS device into Workspace ONE UEM. Enrollment is the action that brings a device under management and control by Workspace ONE UEM. There are a number of ways to enroll the various platforms (macOS included), but for this exercise, we cover a basic enrollment scenario.  

This enrollment flow is considered User-Approved per the functionality introduced in macOS High Sierra.

1. Initiate Enrollment

After the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub finishes installing, the Enrollment Wizard should start automatically. From within the Enrollment wizard window, click Server Detail.

Note: The Enrollment Wizard may take several minutes to launch. If you do not see the Enrollment Wizard immediately, be patient and wait for it to appear.

2. Enter Enrollment Server Details

  1. Enter your Workspace ONE UEM URL, for example, hol.awmdm.com.
  2. Enter your Group ID. See Retrieving the Group ID from Workspace ONE UEM Console.
  3. Click Continue.

3. Enter Enrollment Credentials

  1. Enter the enrollment username. For example, testuser.
  2. Enter the enrollment user password. For example, VMware1!.
  3. Click Continue

4. Enable Device Management

Click Enable to enable device management.

5. Install Workspace Services

Click Install.

6. Install the User-Approved Enrollment Profile

Click Install.

7. Enter Credentials

Enter Administrative Credentials for Profile Install
  1. When prompted, enter the password for your user account on the Mac. For example, VMware1! . 
  2. Click OK.

8. Quit the Profiles Panel

Click the red dot to close the Profiles panel.

9. Quit the Enrollment Wizard

Click Quit.

10. Validate Enrollment

To verify that your MacBook enrolled successfully:

  1. In the upper-right corner of your screen, click the Hub icon.
  2. In the menu that appears, note your device's Enrolled status.
  3. Click Preferences and review the available options.