Add A Basic User Account - IF NEEDED

If you have not already created a basic user account in another module, perform the following actions in the AirWatch Console.

1. Add a Basic User Account

Add a Basic User Account
  1. Click Add in the upper right corner of the console.
  2. Click User to add a User account.

2. Set Basic User Account Properties

Set Basic User Account Properties

You will now be presented with the Add / Edit User screen.  Fill in the required fields with the appropriate information:

  1. Ensure the General tab is selected.
  2. Ensure Basic is selected for the Security Type.
  3. Enter "testuser" for the Username field.
  4. Enter "VMware1!" for the Password field.
  5. Enter "VMware1!" for the Confirm Password field.
  6. Enter "Test" for the First Name field.
  7. Enter "User" for the Last Name field.
  8. Enter "[email protected]" for the Email Address field.  NOTE: This does not have to be a working address.
  9. Click Save.

NOTE: Your email will show as the Enrollment Organization Group.  This is normal.