Logging In to the Workspace ONE Access Console

To perform most of the steps in this exercise, you must first log in to the Workspace ONE Access console.

1. Launch Google Chrome (If Needed)

If Google Chrome is not already open, launch Google Chrome by double-clicking the icon from the desktop.

2. Open a New Browser Tab

Click the Tab space to open a new tab.

Paste or enter the Tenant URL into the navigation bar and press Enter to continue.  

4. Login to Your Workspace ONE Access Tenant

  1. Enter the Username, for example, Administrator.
  2. Enter the Password, for example, VMware1!.
  3. Click Sign In.

If you see the User Portal as shown in the screenshot, navigate to the Administrator Console.

  1. Click the user drop-down icon.
  2. Select Administration Console.

This opens the Administration Console in a separate tab in your browser.