Intelligence Opt-In Process

The first step to start using Workspace ONE Intelligence is to authorize the data synchronization between Workspace ONE UEM and Intelligence Cloud Service. This is done through the Opt-In Process that needs to be performed by someone with administrator privileges at Workspace ONE UEM.

1. Access to Intelligence

Acess to Intelligence

In the Workspace ONE UEM Console:

  1. Click Monitor.
  2. Click Intelligence.

2. Getting Started

Get Started step 1

Click GET STARTED to initiate the Opt-in process

3. Authorizing Intelligence to collect and replicate the data (Opt-In)

  1. Scroll down to find the Opt In checkbox.
  2. Enable the Opt In checkbox.
  3. Click Next.

4. Complete the Terms of Service

Accept Terms of Service

This is the final step on the opt-in Process, where you will be providing your information and accept the VMware Cloud Services TERMS OF SERVICE

  1. Enter your Name.
  2. Enter your Email Address.
  3. Enter your Title.
  4. Enter your Company Name.
  5. Enter your Company Address.
  6. Click Accept.

After accepting, you will be redirected to the Workspace ONE Intelligence Console.

5. Start the 30 Day Trial

  1. Click Dashboards.
  2. Click Activate 30 Day Trial.

6. Enter the details for 30 Day trial

  1. Enter your First Name.
  2. Enter your Last Name.
  3. Enter your Email Address.
  4. Enter your Job Title.
  5. Enter your Company Name.
  6. Enter your Company City.
  7. Enter your Company Country.
  8. Enter your Zip/Postal Code.
  9. Enter your Phone Number.
  10. Click Accept.

7. Confirm Trial Activation

HOL-2151-09-DWS - Workspace ONE UEM - Getting Started with the Digital Workspace - Lab Console - VMware Learning Platform - Google Chrome

Click Get Started.

8. Returning to Workspace ONE UEM Console

In order to execute this lab properly, you need to set up the Workspace ONE UEM Automation Connector between Workspace ONE UEM and Intelligence.

Let's return to the Workspace ONE UEM Console where the first setup needs to be made.

Return to Workspace ONE UEM Console
  1. Click the Services button.
  2. Click Workspace ONE UEM.