Observe Additional Advanced Workflows

In this section, we've embedded some demo videos that further illustrate the integration between Workspace ONE and GroundControl.  

1. GroundControl Tap & Go with Workspace ONE

In this video, Aaron demonstrates Tap & Go integration with Workspace ONE.   The video demonstrates the following:

  • GroundControl prepares the device, enrolls it in Workspace ONE and locks the device to prevent usage if undocked without assignment.
  • When an employee taps a badge to the reader, GroundControl automatically determines which device to assign out to the user (based on device status, battery level, etc).
  • GroundControl checks-out the device to a user in Workspace ONE via API integration.
  • Workspace ONE provisions certificates and enables the device user for Single Sign-on to their applications.

2. GroundControl Self Heal

In this video, Aaron demonstrates the Self-Heal functionality with GroundControl.  


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