Push Workspace ONE Assist to Device (IF NEEDED)

If the Workspace ONE Assist app downloaded to your device, you can skip ahead to Exploring Workspace ONE Assist for Andriod.

Otherwise, you can force the Workspace ONE Assist app to begin downloading on the enrolled Android device right away by completing the following in the Workspace ONE UEM Console:

  1. Click Devices.
  2. Click List View.
  3. Click the enrolled Andriod device.

1. Send Install Command

  1. Click the Apps tab.
  2. Enter Assist in the search field and press ENTER to filter the results.
  3. Click the selection toggle for the Assist app.
  4. Click Install.
  5. When prompted if you wish to continue, click OK.

The Assist app will now begin downloading immediately on the device.  Please allow a minute or two for the download to complete and the install to finish for the Assist app to become available.


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