Power OFF and Remove Virtual Machines

You are about to move to the next Module.  Before continuing, you will power down and remove the deployed virtual machines you utilized for this exercise.  This will release the storage and resources allocated to these virtual machine, allowing these resources to be utilized by other virtual machines that you will deploy in other modules.

NOTE: ONLY delete the virtual machines explicitly instructed in the following steps! Some virtual machines are intended to be used across multiple exercises (the Intranet virtual machine, for example) that you DO NOT want to remove!

1. Power OFF UAG VMs


Return to Google Chrome.  In the vSphere Web Client,

  1. Click the VMs and Templates tab if you are not already there.
  2. Click the UAG-HA2 virtual machine.
  3. Click on ACTIONS menu.
  4. Pass mouse over Power.
  5. Click on Power off option.

1.1. Confirm Guest Shut Down

Click Yes.

2. Delete UAG VMs

  1. Right-click on the UAG-HA1 virtual machine.
  2. Click Delete from Disk.
  3. Right-click on the UAG-HA2 virtual machine.
  4. Click Delete from Disk.

NOTE: If Delete from Disk is not available, the virtual machine is still powering off.  Click the Refresh button until the virtual machine is powered off, which is indicated by no longer having the Green Power On icon next to the UAG-HA1 and UAG-HA2 virtual machine icon.


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