Create a Basic Workflow

In this module you will create a basic cloud-based workflow to provision to iOS devices.  Complete the following steps from the workstation where you are taking the Hands-on Labs and not from the macOS Device!

1. Create New Workflow

  1. In the GroundControl console, click WORKFLOWS
  2. Click New Workflow

2. Name Workflow

  1. Change the name to Basic Workflow
  2. Select Supervised, Non-DEP as we will not be performing any Apple Business Manager integration in this workflow.
  3. Click Add an Action
  4. Click Erase

3. Configure Erase Action

WARNING -  By setting the Erase action to include unsupervised devices, you introduce the possibility of accidentally erasing any personal devices you may have plugged into the LaunchPad.   PLEASE ensure you ARE NOT charging your personal iOS devices using the Mac running the LaunchPad.

  1. Select Erase supervised, DEP, and unsupervised devices
  2. Click Save

4. Add WiFi Action

  1. Click Add an Action
  2. Click Add WiFi

5. Configure WiFi Action

  1. Select Create a new WiFi profile
  2. Enter your Wireless Network SSID
  3. Choose the appropriate Security Option for your Wireless Network
  4. If required, enter the details pertinent to your chosen WiFi security option.
  5. Click Save

6. Access Supervision Option

Click Options next to Supervise as <Your GroundControl Tenant>

7. Modify Supervision Options

  1. Select Allow Pairing to Other Hosts for the purpose of this lab.
  2. Click Save

In a production GroundControl deployment, it is typical to select Prevent pairing to other hosts.   This setting prevents users from plugging the iOS device into another random computer and attempting to manage it.   This setting does not prevent other/additional GroundControl launchpads from the same organization from managing the device, as those launchpads will all contain the same Supervision/Pairing certificate.

As noted in the Supervision Options screen, though we have not selected to show some any setup screens, we will still see some screens displayed because we are not restoring a device backup in this workflow.

8. Add Set Name Action

  1. Click Add an Action
  2. Click Set Name

9. Configure Set Device Name Action

  1. Click Attributes
  2. Click Built-In
  3. Click Device Serial
  4. Ensure the dynamic attribute is populated into the Device Name screen.

Using Set Name can also help name devices in meaningful ways for their uses/locations.  For example, in the case of health systems, devices could be named based on their departmental use (using the department name added to the LaunchPad) and/or patient use ICU[####], PACU[####], INTAKE[####], PATIENT[####].

10. Save Set Device Name

Click Save

11. Add Set Wallpaper Action

  1. Click Add an Action
  2. Click Set Wallpaper

12. Configure Lock Screen Tab

  1. Click Lock Screen
  2. Select Select an image
  3. Choose the purple.png background image
  4. Click Attributes
  5. Hover your mouse over Built-In
  6. Click Device Serial
  7. Select White

13. Configure Home Screen Tab

  1. Click Home Screen
  2. Select Select an image
  3. Choose the purple.png background image
  4. Click Save

14. Add Hide Apps Action

  1. Click Add an Action
  2. Hover your mouse over Apps
  3. Click Hide Apps

Note that this action can also be performed by Workspace ONE UEM if GroundControl enrolls the devices during the workflow.  

15. Configure Hide Apps Action

  1. Select every app except except for Calculator, Clock, Safari, and Weather
    NOTE: You can click any app and then press CTRL + A to select all apps.  Then you can CTRL + Left-click to de-select the Calculator, Clock, Safari, and Weather apps.
  2. Click the Right-Arrow to move them to the Hide these Apps list
  3. Click Save

16. Save Workflow

Click Save Workflow


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