Access GroundControl Tenant Details

When the Hands-on Lab starts, we automatically create a GroundControl tenant for you to use during the duration of the lab.  This section walks you through accessing details about the tenant via the Workspace ONE UEM console.  The email address you used to sign-up for the Hands-on Lab should also receive an email with the details.

NOTE - The GroundControl tenant is only active for the duration of this lab.  When the lab ends, your test GroundControl tenant and all your configured workflows are deleted.

Download Tenant Details

In the Workspace ONE UEM console, perform the following:

  1. Click Content
  2. Click List View
  3. Select AirWatch Managed
  4. Click the Radio Button next to GroundControl Tenant Details.txt
  5. Click Download

View GroundControl Tenant Details

  1. Click on the downloaded file in the Chrome Browser.
  2. Note the GroundControl Tenant URL, Username, and Password.   You will need these in a later step in this lab.  Refer back to this notepad file for these details when prompted.


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