Create an Advanced Workflow

In this section, you will duplicate your basic workflow and add more steps to the workflow to create something more advanced.

  1. Click on WORKFLOWS
  2. Click on Basic Workflow

2. Clone Workflow

  1. Click Clone
  2. Enter Advanced Workflow as the name
  3. Click Clone Workflow

3. Save Cloned Workflow

Click Save Workflow

4. Edit Workflow

Click Edit Workflow

5. Edit Set Wallpaper Step

Click Edit for the Set Wallpaper step

6. Set Lock Screen Wallpaper

  1. Click green.png
  2. Click the Home Screen tab

7. Set Home Screen Wallpaper

  1. Click green.png
  2. Click Save

8. Add MDM Enrollment Step

  1. Click on Add an Action
  2. Click Enroll in MDM

9. Set MDM Options

  1. Check the box next to Delete from AirWatch
  2. Click Save

While there are many benefits to the "Delete" action, the most useful is that it ensures Workspace ONE begins delivering apps immediately upon enrollment.   When the device is not deleted, there may be a slight delay while Workspace ONE gathers query data from the device and reconciles against the existing device record.

10. Add Retry Step

  1. Click Add an Action
  2. Hover your mouse over Advanced
  3. Click On Failure

11. Configure Retry Parameters

  1. Check the box to Retry this workflow
  2. Set maximum attempts to 2 (two)
  3. Click Save

12. Save Advanced Workflow

Click Save Workflow


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