Test a Basic Workflow

In this section of the lab, you will attach an iOS device to the LaunchPad and deploy your Basic Workflow to the device.  

1. Select LaunchPad

On the workstation where you are taking the Hands-on Lab from:

  2. Click on the name of your launchpad

2. Connect Test iOS Device

When connecting an iOS device to a macOS device, you may be prompted to by the iOS device to "Trust" the macOS device.  

  1. Connect the iOS device to your macOS device with the GroundControl Launchpad running.
  2. If you see "Attempting to pair..." continue for more than a few seconds (or if you notice a "Trust This Computer?" prompt on the iOS device), click Trust.

NOTE: If you are prompted for a PIN on the iOS device, you will need to enter this to complete the device pairing.

GroundControl allows administrators to share the same supervision identity across all the Launchpads.   This means that as devices are on-boarded with one LaunchPad, they can still be managed from other Launchpads if necessary.

3. Choose Device Action

Back in the Hands-on Lab workstation,

  1. Click Actions next to the connected iOS device.
  2. Click Deploy Workflow

4. Deploy Basic Workflow

  1. Click Basic Workflow
  2. Click Deploy

5. Observe iOS Device Restart

  1. Note the iOS device restarts and the LaunchPad begins tracking status of the workflow
  2. Note in the GroundControl console that the status changes from Erasing Device --> Supervising --> Checking Lock Status --> Succeeded.

6. Step through Setup Assistant

  1. Click the Home button on the iOS device
  2. Click Next at the Choose a Wi-Fi Network screen
  3. Click Get Started

Note that the workflow pre-connected the Wi-Fi network and skipped the majority of the Setup Assistant screens.

WARNING:   If GroundControl did not pre-connect to the Wi-Fi network, check the spelling and capitalization of the SSID and password.

7. Observe Final State of Device

  1. Note the non-hidden Apps available on the device.
  2. Note the non-hidden apps available on the device that are automatically added to the Dock by iOS

The type of device you use (iPhone, iPod, iPad) will determine which apps you see in this basic Workflow.   As an example, while "Calculator" and "Weather" are included in the list of shown apps, they are not included/installed in iOS on an iPad (shown above).  

For further control of the app arrangement on a device, GroundControl admins should leverage the backup/restore functionality.   By backing up an iOS device to GroundControl, the configuration of the device can be restored onto additional devices by the Launchpad(s).   This particular scenario is not covered in this Hands-On Lab due to network bandwidth restrictions at VMworld.


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