GroundControl is a unique system to orchestrate your mobile tools, dramatically reducing the number of steps it takes to get devices set up and kept running. In a single step, GroundControl supervises, activates, and restores iPhones, iPads, and iPods — automatically and predictably.  GroundControl extends the feature-set within VMware Workspace ONE — and takes full advantage of Apple Business Manager. Because GroundControl is cloud-based, software issues can be resolved in the field, and devices can be provisioned remotely without any downtime. Create automated workflows to trigger anything from small changes — such as entering single app mode — to controlling the timing of efficient iOS and app updates. GroundControl can even self-heal misconfigured devices, eliminating downtime and creating immediate ROI.

In this Hands-On Lab, you will learn how GroundControl works by configuring cloud-based iOS provisioning workflows and Launchpads.  


Before digging into the lab, you may need to understand some common terminology associated with GroundControl and iOS:

  • Workflow:  A cloud-based step-by-step set of actions to take against an iOS device.
  • Launchpad:  A service installed on a device running Windows or macOS that downloads cloud assets (such as non-store/enterprise iOS apps) and workflows to execute and apply to one or more attached iOS devices.


In a typical GroundControl-enabled environment, you would typically see the following configuration:

  1. An administrator creates device provisioning workflows (including deployment of any uploaded assets such as non-store, internally-developed iOS apps) within the cloud-based GroundControl console.
  2. A local launchpad used by the administrator for testing/validating workflows.   The launchpad caches workflows and assets locally.
  3. A test device similar to iOS devices deployed in the field for testing/validating workflows.
  4. One or more launchpads installed where devices need to be provisioned.   Some examples include remote/branch offices, buildings within a healthcare system (and/or one per floor within a single healthcare building), schools within a school district, retail or restaurant locations within a larger organization.
  5. One or more iOS devices in a location, typically connected to the launchpad via a Cart or Dock.

While the GroundControl launchpad will run on a Windows-based OS, VMware and GroundControl recommend using macOS with Caching Services enabled.   This allows the macOS device to cache content locally from the App Store while the launchpad caches content (such as Enterprise iOS apps) which are not cached by Caching Services.