Access GroundControl Console from macOS

To perform this lab, you will need to access the GroundControl organization that has been provisioned for you for the duration of this lab.

IMPORTANT: You MUST perform this section from the macOS device which will be used as a LaunchPad or the lab will not function as expected and you will need to repeat this section on the correct device.

NOTE -  Your credentials for the temporary GroundControl lab will only persist for the duration of this Hands-On Lab session.  When the Hands-On Lab ends, your temporary GroundControl organization will be deleted.

1. Launch Safari

On the macOS Device which will be used, click the Safari icon on the Dock

2. Go To GroundControl Login

  1. In the browser window, enter the GroundControl Tenant URL from the details document in the previous steps and press ENTER on the keyboard.  The URL will be
  2. Enter your E-mail Address.  This is your email address that you have associated with your VMware Learning Platform (VLP) Account and is listed as the Admin Username in the GroundControl Tenant Details text file you downloaded.
  3. Enter VMware1! for the password field.
  4. Click GroundControl Login.

3. View Initial GroundControl Console

Upon successful login, you should see the GroundControl Quick Start screen.


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