Configure macOS LaunchPad

In this section, you will configure a device running macOS to be a GroundControl LaunchPad.   By installing the LaunchPad, the device will be able to cache non-store assets from the cloud and execute workflows to provision attached devices.  

When using GroundControl on a macOS device, you must make a small change to iTunes preferences to prevent iTunes from attempting to activate devices.  Without this configuration, you may see unexpected behavior with the LaunchPad.

1. Launch iTunes

Click the iTunes icon on the Dock

2. Modify iTunes Preferences

  1. Click iTunes
  2. Click Preferences...
  3. Click Devices
  4. Check the box next to Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically
  5. Click OK
  6. Click iTunes
  7. Click Quit iTunes

3. Download LaunchPad

  1. In the GroundControl console in Safari, click LAUNCHPADS
  2. Click the Mac download link.

WARNING:   Prior to installing the LaunchPad, ensure you DO NOT have any personal iOS devices attached to the macOS device where you'll be installing the LaunchPad.

4. Open LaunchPad Installer

  1. Click on the Downloads folder on the right side of the Dock (next to the Trash).
  2. Double-Click the GroundControl LaunchPad <version>.dmg file.

5. Copy LaunchPad to Applications

  1. Click on the GroundControl Launchpad window to make sure it is active.
  2. Click View
  3. Click Show Toolbar
  4. Click and Drag the GroundControl Launchpad application to the Applications folder.

6. Start the GroundControl Launchpad

  1. Click on Applications
  2. Double-Click on GroundControl Launchpad

7. Accept Security Warning

Click Open

8. Configure Launchpad Name

  1. Change the LaunchPad name to Location 1
  2. Enter the GroundControl Server as
  3. Click Next

The Launchpad Name is displayed within the GroundControl Console.  Use LaunchPad Names that are meaningful within your organization such as building/location names, department names, etc.  Meaningful names help ensure you assign Workflows to the Launchpads where they are needed.

9. Enter GroundControl Login Details

  1. Enter your email address that you have associated with your VMware Learning Platform (VLP) Account.
  2. Enter VMware1! for the password
  3. Click Start

For simplicity, the Hands-On Lab uses your GroundControl tenant admin user to log-in the Launchpad, which is not the recommended configuration.   GroundControl recommends an Administrator create one or more user accounts with the LaunchPad Only role specifically for the LaunchPad logins.   More details can be found at

10. Note LaunchPad Interface

  1. The GroundControl tenant to which the Launchpad is connected.
  2. The GroundControl endpoint to which the Launchpad is connected.
  3. The Launchpad's Name and Build Version.
  4. The number of iOS devices connected to this LaunchPad.
  5. The list of connected devices and their status.
  6. The status of the Launchpad Services.


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