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After you finish creating images and farms, you are ready to assign desktops and applications to users. There are three main types of assignments:

  • Desktop Assignments - You can use automation that is built into the system to perform basic VDI agent updates to floating and dedicated desktops. VDI desktops are powered off and deallocated when not in use, which reduces infrastructure costs. You can also leverage the system to support RDSH session desktops, to be accessed by remote users over a network connection. For more information about floating and dedicated desktop assignments, see VMware Horizon Cloud May 2018 Release Technical What's New Overview.
  • Application Assignments - You can assign Windows applications to users or groups using remote applications, which can be hosted on the RDS farms you created earlier. This enables you to provide the resources your users need when they need them, and avoids the cost of maintaining idle resources just waiting to be used.
  • Customization - You can customize your end user environments by making URL redirection assignments. You do this by configuring the client-to-agent URL redirection rules that tell the Horizon Client to redirect URLs from the end user's client machine to a desktop or application within your Horizon Cloud environment. For more information about customization, see Assigning Customizations in Quick-Start Tutorial for VMware Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure.


Rick Terlep

This needs to be re-done to account for VDI & RDSH. The old version went right into assignments in the Farms section.

I would start with something like this: Once you have completed creating images and / or Farms, you are ready to assign desktops and applications to users. There are three primary types of assignments covered here:

Desktop Assignments

Rick Terlep

One other idea - can you put this link into this overview?

Its a YouTube video segment where I covered how Floating & Dedicated VM's work. You could also put it in both Floating and Dedicated assignments overview articles if it makes sense.

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