Exploring Reports and Notifications

You can access the built-in reports from the Reports window. This makes it easy to review the health of your Horizon Cloud Service and monitor end user experience within your system.

You can access the Notifications to review the history of where and when actions were taken and errors occurred.

1. Explore Reports

Horizon Cloud Service includes a variety of pre-built reports covering VDI and RDSH desktop usage, VDI applications usage, and user mapping, from Horizon 7 to Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure.

  • In the left-hand navigation bar under Monitor, click Reports.

1.1. Select a Report to Customize

You can customize the data displayed in each report.

  • For example, select Azure Concurrency to see a record of the concurrency status of all pool and farm assignments in Azure.
  • Click the Period arrow and select a time frame from the pop-up menu to ensure that the report is focused and relevant.

1.2. Select a Report to Export

When you have the information you want, you can export the data in each report.

  • For example, select the Utilization report to view consumption trends for deployed capacity and concurrency metrics. Notice that you can hover your cursor over the line graph to reveal additional details.
  • To export the report, navigate to the upper left, and click Export.

1.3. Export Report

  • Click the Export button in the lower left to export the data in this report, and download it to use in other software tools.

2. Examine Notifications

Notifications are a handy way to look at the history of where and when actions were taken and errors occurred.

  1. In the left-hand navigation bar, expand Monitor.
  2. In the Monitor menu, click Notifications.
  3. In Show, you can select a time range from the pop-up menu.

For more detailed information about how to use reports and notifications, see Horizon Cloud Service documentation.

You have now reached the end of the exploration exercises. The next section explores the VMware Dynamic Environment Management capabilities in greater depth.


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