Exploring Dashboard and Activity

This section explores the Dashboard and Activity options.

The Unified Dashboard puts current information about your deployment at your fingertips, including deployment health, sessions, and issues across all connected pods.

The Activity window displays audit logs so you can view the history at any time.

1. Launch the Dashboard

  • In the navigation bar on the left, click Monitor > Dashboard.
  • You can use the Dashboard to keep your eye on deployment health, capacity, sessions, and utilization data of all pods connected to the Horizon Cloud Service. At a glance, you can spot issues across all connected pods, and then drill down to reveal the details.

1.1. Customize the Display

  1. You can filter the dashboard to display selected metrics to make it easier to focus on what is most important, and hide the rest.
  2. You can expand and collapse the side panel revealing issues and sessions related to each location in your system.

1.2. Spot Issues As They Arise

When you hover your cursor over a location icon, the corresponding map tool-tip is displayed.

  1. In the tool-tip, click View to highlight the issues in that location.
  2. The Issues pane on the right displays five issues at a time. Click View to see more, if any.

1.3. View the Details

  • In the Global Footprint - Health window, you can examine the details more closely, including a description of the issue, where it occurred, and the type of pod it occurred in.

1.4. Filter by Location or Pod

  • In the upper right, you can use location options to filter the issues by location, or by pod.

1.5. Filter by Description

  • You can also filter issues by type, description, pod, pod type, or location.

1.6. View Sessions

  1. In the panel on the right, click the Session tab to take a look at the session usage of all pods in a location.
  2. Hover your cursor over a location icon to display the session usage for that location.

1.7. View Utilization and Sessions

  • Scroll down to see utilization and session data in a visual graph format, and hover your cursor over the diagrams for more details.

2. Monitor Activity

The Activity window provides audit logs for your use at any time.

  1. In the navigation bar on the left, click Monitor > Activity.
  2. In the Activity pane, click Show to select a time range to see all activity during the indicated range.

When you finish exploring the dashboard and activity monitoring options, proceed to the next exercise to explore reports and notification options.


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