About Image Creation

Microsoft provides a variety of VM templates in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Upon import, Horizon Cloud Service joins the VM to the domain, enables the RDS role, automates the Horizon and DaaS installations, and performs a bootstrap process, enabling secure pairing of the DaaS agent to the Horizon Cloud Service pod. All of this is automated, although the process can be performed manually if you want to convert an existing VM to a Horizon Cloud Service image yourself.

After the imported VM is configured with the necessary applications, Horizon Cloud Service converts the VM to an image by automatically running SYSPREP and sealing the OS. You can then use the image to create RDS session host farms and assign dedicated and floating VDI desktops.

Note: With the March 2020 release of Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure, you have access to new operating system types in your drop-down menu. For more information, see Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Support for Windows Virtual Desktop is Here and VMware Horizon Cloud Service Release Notes - v3 - March 2020.


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