Exercise A7: Verifying Required Resource Providers

In this exercise, you verify that your subscription includes the registered resource providers that the pod requires.

Note: Resource providers should remain enabled by default. For more information, see Create the Required Service Principal Needed by the Horizon Cloud Pod Deployer by Creating an Application Registration.

  1. In the navigation bar on the left, select Virtual machines, and click the name of the subscription used with this pod.
  2. In the subscription menu, click Resource providers.

2. Verify That Required Resource Providers Are Registered

In the Status column, verify that the following resource providers have a Registered status, and if they do not, register them:



3. Verify Subscription-Based Values Required for Deployment

  1. In the navigation bar on the left, click Azure Active Directory > Manage.
  2. In the second pane, click Properties.

In the third pane, verify that you have the four subscription-based values required during pod deployment:

  • Subscription ID
  • Azure Active Directory ID
  • Application ID
  • Application key value

For more information, see Getting Started with VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure.

After you finish creating and configuring the service provider and verified that you have the subscription-related values required for deployment, proceed to the next section to deploy the Horizon Cloud Service pod.


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